Aranui Community Trust

A little bit about us

The Aranui Community Trust is a community development organisation based in the heart of the suburb of Aranui in Christchurch.

ACTIS 2015 (Copy)

The Aranui Community Trust came into existence in 2001, after alot of work from key community indivudals.  Aranui is based in the Eastern suburbs of Christchurch. It is a vibrant diverse community with a sense of hope to develop together. The mission of the Aranui Community Trust is to change minds to change lives and break cycles. This site is about showing the events, activities, services and opportunities available to the local community and to show our way of working  together to achieve this.

Our Mission 2002 – 2008

All families know, give and get the services and support they need.

Our Mission 2008 – 2012

Changing minds, Changing lives and Breaking Cycles.

Our Mission 2012 – 2016

An attractive, resilient Aranui that is bigger, brighter, better

Our Vision

Aranui, a proud community of hope and opportunities where people stand tall

Our Kaupapa

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – We live by Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Our Motto

We never, never give up, so bring the challenge on!

Strategic Areas of Focus

  1. Enhancing Aranui Community’s social and spiritual health
  2. Building Aranui people’s knowledge and learning
  3. Ensuring Aranui has a strong physical infrastructure
  4. Enhancing Aranui people’s sense of identity and belonging

The Aranui Community Trust works with its Partners and Key Stakeholders to create more effective ways of working for development in the Aranui Comunity.