Aranui and Wainoni History

 ….Lions, tigers, T.B. sanatoriums, commune, trams from 1887-1952, first woman Cabinet Minister in the Common Wealth—Mable Howard, fireworks, farms, rich business people, the poor, churches since 1908, schools from 1911, shops—1910, telephone –1912, Aranui Speedway—world champions Ronny Moore, Ivan Mauger and others, Aranui Camping Ground, and a much, much more……

 Who would have thought our district had so much history behind it? I sure didn’t. It was my pleasure to compile 3 books capturing Aranui and Wainoni’s amazing past.  Tim Baker (local Historian)

Aranui and Wainoni History by Tim Baker

Professor Bickerton's Wainoni

St Ambrosia Anglican Church 1908-2008

 All three books are available in the public libraries or you can purchase your own copies. Phone the Aranui Community Trust for more details.